Welcome to Room for New!

My name is Callie, and I’m here to share about two things:

  • Grief
  • Home Design

You might be thinking, “How do these go together at all?” And technically, they don’t. But these are a couple of topics that are unique to my life and I love sharing about them both.

Home is one of the most personal places of our lives, and how we feel inside its walls impacts our day enormously. My desire is that the tips, tricks, notes and 2 cents I share will give others confidence in creating their home environment – one that’s uplifting, peaceful, and expressive of their personality.

My other desire is to hopefully encourage anyone who finds him- or herself in the midst of their own grief. As the “sharing” part has become a huge part of my life, I would love for you to experience the healing that God wants for you.

To learn more about my story, visit the “New Hope” page. For all things design, visit the “New Home” page.

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